An utterly compelling, gripping drama. The Report is a testament of the integrity and valour in which the everyday person carries themselves. The real life story of USA Senate investigator Daniel J. Jones and his research into the controversial handling of the torturous, enhanced interrogation techniques, which had been employed during the war against terror, is documented every long step of the way.

There's no doubting the quality of the music. The mix of pop with its skeletal R&B influences permeates throughout the film, extolling the inevitable question of artistic integrity versus tragedy.

Drawing on experiences from her life and early career Joanna Hogg delivers a refined, elegant and cathartic coming-of-age film, which feels as personal as political. An amalgamation of powerful memories of incidents, behaviours, emotions and old traumas retrieved just before they start to fade away, the film is an elegiac testament to the protagonist’s self-identification in relation to the socio-political context she grew up in and her decision to assert her re-claimed personality.

A tender, intimate portrait of Marianne and Leonard, through their formative years, the becoming of the artist Leonard Cohen and creative Marianne Ihlen, their owning up to their definition of love.

Set in the French port city of Marseille, immigrants wait in the hope of acquiring the correct paperwork in order to migrate to a country they see as a safe haven, in this case, Mexico. Seemingly stuck in this self-imposed island territory relationships are formed, dissipated, naturally- or by interfering locals in hoc with the police- or serendipity. In the meantime those who can survive, survive, while awaiting their fate.

- What matters?

- The truth.

- Who says what truth is?

- I, I, I !

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