Using the “Shame” of one the most gruesome institutions in the history of mankind, racial injustice and slavery, as his canvas Steve McQueen goes beyond from depicting the “Hunger” for life, dignity and freedom to create an art expression of human strength, emotional stamina and survival in one of the most powerful stories of the year.

A documentary that has dominated international publicity game immediately after its World Premiere at Venice Film Festival, presents us with an incisive deconstructed image of one of the most controversial activist groups of our time.

Early ‘40s. In Europe, American soldiers support the allies in the fight against the Nazis. Back home the newly invented term “teenager” gradually dominates popular culture marketing the dreams and lifestyle of American youngsters.

Με το kitsch του νεοπλουτισμού να τρυπάει την οθόνη για να «ενοχλήσει» αποτελεσματικά κάθε θεατή, και ζωηρή κινηματογράφηση που παραπέμπει μια σε ντοκιμαντέρ μια σε home video κορυφώνοντας το δράμα, η ταινία κέρδισε άξια την Χρυσή Άρκτο στη φετινή Berlinale αλλά και τον τίτλο του πιο εύστοχα συμπυκνωμένου post ‘80s βαλκανικού μορφώματος.

I recall my schooldays in Croydon as a lean thirteen year old watching grainy 1950’s documentary footage of Stetson wearing Australians on horseback 'Abbo hunting’ in the outback. While out on expedition, these dusty, leather-skinned men would routinely poison the drinking water of rural Aboriginals.

If his nails had been perfectly polished, Jody Taylor would have been a proper rock star. If he had been a proper rock star, he would have performed the song “In the Still of the Night” live on stage, and not fake it in some bar in some small city in the mainland of USA. If he had been on a proper stage, he might have met his daughter earlier.

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