Interview with Claire Hooper director of the film ERIS.

Did you study Medicine or something like that? Why did you decide to depict real time surgery?

No, absolutely not! My first encounter with the surgery room was traumatic! Gradually I got used to it, as I spent much time with the doctors in that surgery room. What appealed to me the most was the fact that inside a human body it is possible for a machine, a robot, to work.

Nikos Koundouros is one of the most important auteurs coming from Greece and one of the most significant international filmmakers.  He has won the Silver Bear and FIPRESCI Award in 1963 Berlin International Film Festival, for his film “Young Aphrodites” (Mikres Aphrodites).

I feel a great responsibility to use my public voice and the privilege of Celebrity as a tool and great chance to speak out for environmental Justice, Corporate accountability and Basic Human Rights.”

You have stated that you feel much more real when you are playing a character, compared to how you feel in real life. What is the particular element in acting that sets you free?

“I don’t simply consider myself a director or a cinematographer. I think everybody who loves making pictures loves every part of it: edit, light, direct”.

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