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10 minutes/Sara Alaeddiny/Iran/2022


Raha, an 8-year-old girl hides behind a tree as she watches her father argue with another man. Suddenly violence erupts and Raha’s father falls and hits his head. The other man decides to toss the body into a well and as he does so, Raha appears and pushes him in too. Later, when Raha's mother worries about the whereabouts of her husband and his brother, Raha is forced to come to terms with events. 


In today’s over saturated world of audio visual content, it’s often rare to find someone with genuine flare as an artist author. So it was with quiet revelation that one came across such an individual. When judging the work, it is not necessarily the completed version - as this can easily be  affected by the parameters of environment and circumstance - but it is in the process where one finds the value and this was certainly evident in Sara Alaeddiny’s ten minute short film, Hide And Seek. From its location in Iran (a country long suffering under the yoke of international sanctions) to the environment, the limited budget, child actors and not least a cerebral, thought-provoking narrative topped off with confident direction. Moreover, inherent in the work, was more than a hint of bravery, the bravery associated with strident ideas that create debate and challenge convention, or stereotype, which is suggestive of an auteur, albeit one so young and producing a debut film. Frame! managed to catch up with the talented filmmaker who described her route into the world of filmmaking...   

"I try to write screenplays based on my concerns. My concern as a filmmaker is people's relationships and the effect of these on each other's personality and life process. Our character and choices in life are determined by events and happenings that are rooted in our relationships with the people around us and we cannot deny this chain and run away from it..."  Read the full interview with Sara Alaeddiny.

Hide and Seek, Iran, 2022. Director: Sara Alaeddiny; Producer: Sara Alaeddiny. Screenplay: Sara Alaeddiny. Cast: Hilda Kordbacheh, Amirmohammad Atashi, Omid Barzegar, Pegah Kandi, Satyar Vahedi. Cinematographer: Emad Hoseinifard. Editor: Sara Alaeddiny. Sound Mixer: Iman Baziyar. Sound Editor: Abdolreza Heydari. Production Designer: Faezeh Mohammadi. Make-up designer: Sara Morshed Talab. Composer: Mehdi Davaneghi. Script Supervisor: Farzaneh Ataee. Visual Effects: Mohammadhasan Najafi Manesh. Color Correction: Nima Dabirzadeh. Production Coordinator: Samira Alaeddiny. Photographers: Babak Khosravi, Shayan Ghoddousi. Director Assistants: Mehdi Davaneghi, Fatemeh Vaziri. Camera Assistants: Meysam Sakhaei, Mojtaba Ghayyem, Alireza Heydari. Scenic Design Assistants: Mohadeseh Madani, Armita Farajollahi, Ali Alirezaei. Procurement Assistants: Tala Karbasi, Erfan Mohammadi, Mohammadreza Mohammadi, Sahar Mohammadi. Poster: Mahsan Salehi. Distributor: Shahab Farajollahi. 




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