Made Truly Independently, Honestly.

Frame !ndependent brings you reviews and news of inspiring, independent and thought provoking documentary and feature films. Also, exclusive event screenings of acclaimed and award winning independent feature and documentary films from all around the world.

Frame !ndependent is made up of a small team of passionate and experienced film critics, curators, programmers and filmmakers, aiming to bring quality independent cinema to film enthusiasts and cinephiles in an accessible and engaging way. 

It was created out of the need to redefine the way film exhibition and criticism connects with filmmakers, audiences, spaces and professionals in a post-digital and post-exposure context and cater for communication, rather than a plain dissemination of information. It aims to bridge the gap between independent filmmaking, professional film criticism, traditional and emerging digital distribution channels, by nurturing a creative community which generates and communicates film experiences in a variety of spaces.

Our mission is to provide a plateau for talented, independent voices to be heard in their original voice, with their natural “accent” and inspire discussion, understanding and appreciation of undiscovered stories and the art of cinema, through organising unique and unforgettable film experiences and communicating outstanding work.

Our vision is to re-introduce the wonderful, artistic and ground-breaking force of independent filmmaking.


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